I Hope I’m Wrong

UPDATE: The casualty list has increased to more than a dozen (1700 hrs, 26 August 2021)

I have never wanted to be so wrong about an opinion in my life.  If we can look back on this missive in two weeks’ time and have a laugh at just how wrong I am, I will celebrate my lack of prognostication skills with you while asking to be in your high-stakes NCAA tournament office pool. 

I hope I’m wrong. 

I think the next two+ weeks will go down in American history as the darkest two week stretch in most of our lifetimes.  My fear is that it may go down as the darkest two weeks in American history—ever.  I am fully aware that we have suffered many dark moments as a nation (Gettysburg, Pearl Harbor, 9-11 to name a few) and extended periods of suffering as well.  However, I think we are about to see much worse.  I chose the word ‘see’ carefully.

I hope I’m wrong.

The NEXT two weeks?

I write this on 26 August 2021 with full knowledge of the events that have led to this feeling of despair we are about to undergo.  This morning, suicide bombers killed four US Marines at the Kabul airport.  I am the proud parent of a Marine; my prayers go out to those who lost their lives, may God welcome them into His loving arms.  My heart breaks for the parents and loved ones they left behind.

I know that our worthless resident assterisk has botched every single policy decision regarding the evacuation of American assets in Afghanistan.  

I know he has turned his back on us every single time.  Just watch a press conference.

I know he has negotiated with terrorists.  I know he now TAKES HIS ORDERS from terrorists.  I know he has given up billions of dollars’ worth of munitions and technology to a group of first millennia barbarians formed before the advent of the Scientific Process.

I know we now beg those barbarians to play nice with American citizens.  They won’t, and that is what terrifies me the most.

The Coming Two Weeks

What terrifies me the most about the coming two weeks is that, despite their 7th century tactics and thought processes, they do have some manner of social media awareness and presence.  While they have a social media platform, President Donald Trump does not.

These barbarians also relish thoughts of humbling/humiliating America.  For proof, look no further than the photo op they took mocking the iconic flag raising on Mt. Suribachi (Iwo Jima).  They wore the gear the feckless administration left behind.  They brandished weapons our feckless administration left behind and rubbed our noses in one of the most iconic moments in American history. They know American history and will exploit it to humiliate us.

So What’s Next?

What EVERY American should fear is what comes next.  This effete administration has all but admitted Americans will remain in Afghanistan after the 31 August deadline.  American hostages.  Just like President Jimmy Carter in 1979.  Except this will be on a much larger scale in every way.

In the addled brain of our worthless White House occupant, he envisioned the departure from Afghanistan on 31 August as a crowning foreign policy achievement.  He probably also envisioned being able to trumpet this achievement to the adulation of the dozens of people who actually cast a vote for him.  

He envisions taking a MASSIVE victory lap on 11 September 2021, touting the end of 20 years in Afghanistan.  I fear this 9-11 will surpass the 9-11 we all now associate with the 2001 terrorist attacks.

I hope I’m wrong.

With hundreds (at best) or thousands of Americans stranded in Afghanistan and a worthless resident hell-bent on obeying orders from terrorists to leave by 31 August, I fear that in the ten days between 31 August and 10 September, the first millennia barbarians will round up as many of these Americans as they can.

And then they’re going to execute them…live…on their social media platforms…for the entire globe to see…using the weapons we gave them…on the 20th anniversary of 9-11.  THAT is my fear.

I hope I’m wrong.

We Americans are going to ‘see’ the gruesome nature of war with barbarians (why I chose that word earlier).  These barbarians don’t fear our retribution; this administration won’t do a thing.  Even if they did, it would be weak.  They would simply retreat to their caves and wait it out…again.  But trust me…this administration will not do a thing.  They may deflect responsibility by blaming those Americans for not heeding warnings to leave, despite repeated assurances that Afghanistan was safe from terrorist takeover (another abject failure of this administration) to cover their ass.  Blaming victims that get executed live on TV won’t work.

We will all ‘see’ war at its most primitive, hellish, and in gory detail.  I also fear that, like Pearl Harbor or 9-11, 2001, it will ‘awaken a sleeping giant’ (Admiral Yamamoto, Japanese Imperial Navy after Pearl Harbor).  I fear the groundswell of support for an immediate and DISPROPORTIONATE response to such an atrocity will go unheeded by this resident muppet. I fear the lack of response that in any way that approximates an American President will create a friction here at home that may become ugly.

I’m not going to call this the prelude to a second war among states. We still have two+ weeks to see how things are going to unfold.  I do NOT want ANY of this to happen.  I want all Americans in Afghanistan to return to their families and loved ones.  

But I fear the next two weeks might start a journey down a pathway the likes of which few of us have ever seen.

I hope I’m wrong.

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