Time to Invoke the 25th Amendment

A while back, I wrote a piece outlining my thoughts on who might actually be running the country right now since it is obviously not president assterisk. 

Because he’s not in charge.

I ran through the list of the usual suspects (Harris, ms. B*den, Killary, Obama/Rice, squad, Russia/China, etc.), but in the end, none of them really made any sense.  We are most likely being run by some combination of those listed above.

Up to now, the thought of “Heels-Up” Harris running the show as the POTUS was anathema to me.  Initially, I had hoped we could just ride out a miserable President Assterisk term, regroup in 2024, and resume the successes the Trump Administration had racked up.  I’ve changed my mind on this topic, and as much as it pains me to say this, President *** has to go, and we need Harris to step in and take the reigns.


Why Now?

Harris was an unserious primary candidate, bounced from consideration before even one primary vote had been cast. As I’ve said before, she was a terrible candidate, she ‘IS’ a terrible person and would fail even more spectacularly than she has as the VP. 

The reason we need to install her is because we cannot wait for 2024 to regroup and put the country back on a better pathway.  We need to win the mid-terms in landslide proportions.  Crushing House victories and retaking the Senate.  We need to neuter the occupant of the White House in 2022 and keep it that way until 2024.  Doing so puts us one step closer to retaking the White House.

Putting her in office now means we will have a full year of listening to her cackling hyena voice before the 2022 mid-terms. Imagine a year of her giving speeches with false bravado, virtue signaling, race-baiting (she’s not really black, but it helped her current position to culturally appropriate herself), gender-bending, and woke-induced word salads in her awful voice that will remind EVERYONE why she was such a terrible candidate.

She won’t be able to help herself either, she can’t.  Once in the captain’s chair, she will tell people what to do, when/where/how to do it, or they will incur her wrath.  Her candidacy was characterized by disorganization, mass defections, worker dissatisfaction, passing the blame/buck and an overall toxic work environment.  

You cannot hide this if you are the POTUS.  I don’t care how well MSDNCNN runs interference for you, if you’re just HALF as bad as the reports that actually made the news, you will have the most dysfunctional administration in history.

The biggest benefit of a 2022 election shelling would be the two years of a sterilized harris wailing from the POTUS podium about every boogeyman out there.  Every ‘ist’, ‘phobe’ ‘able’ and privileged cis-het troglodyte would be front and center in every fingernail-chalkboard-raking speech she would ever give.

America would tune in, then tune her out.  Independents will turn their backs on her like CPD Officers do when Mayor Beetlejuice appears.  Her miserable personality shown non-stop for two years would do almost irreparable damage to liberals (no, there’s no down side to that).  She WAS so bad as a candidate and WOULD be so bad in office that she might actually have to fend off a legitimate primary challenger.

What has she ever accomplished?

In short, nothing.  She was made famous for being a high-priced call girl for Willie Brown.  She entered into an affair with a man twice her age for the purpose of advancing her career.  In truth, such tit-for-tat schemes play out almost every day, she is not unique in that regard.  What has she done since?

She parlayed that stint with Brown into the AG position in California.  In her tenure as AG, she proudly bragged about her elevated incarceration rates of young, black males for petty, misdemeanor drug crimes like marijuana possession.  What made this particularly galling was her flippant admission years later that she smoked the electric lettuce herself.  

In fact, she must have gotten SO baked that she teleported in time so she could listen to a dead rapper (Tupac) or listen to Albums that hadn’t been released when she had claimed to be in college (Snoop Doggy Dog, now just Snoop Dog).

Death Row Exculpatory Evidence

She also withheld exculpatory evidence of a man sitting on Death Row because she feared it would damage her political career.  For a summary of her myriad other prosecutorial abuses, please read the following article here, it will make your skin crawl.  Give her more power, she WILL abuse it.  However, in this case, I think her desire to wield power, provoke normal Americans, rub their noses in HER power and misguided belief that she can do no wrong will push things too far and provoke a backlash that might take years to undo.

Border ‘Security’

Her time as VP has not given anyone, anywhere, any sense that she can get things done.  Put in charge of the Border Crisis, she only made one visit to the ‘border’ (she was miles away, and safe) because she had to get to the border before President Trump, who announced his trip first, followed by an accelerated timetable for the veep to get there first.  The border is a mess, and getting worse by the day.  She has done, and will continue to do, nothing.  This is a crystal ball into what a harris presidency would look like.

What it all means

The short-term consequences of invoking the 25th amendment to remove the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and insert ‘heels-up’ harris (cackling hyena voice, false woke platitudes, toxic White House, abuses of power, geopolitical unrest increases, zero accomplishments) would all contribute to extreme short term misery for much of the country.  In the end, I think it may be just what we need to remind ourselves there is a better way forward.  For the next year and change (up to the 2022 mid-terms), the misery index will redline, but hopefully after that it will begin to abade.  


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