Who’s Really in Charge?

On 20 January 2021, Joe Biden became President Assterisk, selected by 80 million ballots and now occupies the house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  When that happened, cynics across the country opened office pools only slightly less popular than NCAA Tournament bracketology.  The question was—how long will Resident Joe remain in office?  We all chuckled at the premise of him seeing his time as 46 to its full-term.  But it did beg consideration then, and even more so now. 

Will J*e actually complete his term?  Anyone who has paid attention to politics during the first four months of administration Assterisk comes to just one conclusion…it isn’t J*e.  He’s frail, weak, submissive and looks like he’s cognitively impaired. He is not in charge.  He does not take questions from reporters, instead brushing them off with quips like ‘I’m not supposed to take questions’.  So who tells the POTUS what he can/cannot do? And why does he listen?

Because he’s not in charge.

What should terrify EVERY American is the thought of someone OTHER than the POTUS actually calling the shots.  Someone unelected, unaccountable, unknown and potentially hostile to this country now runs the free world, using puppet strings to manipulate a decrepit figurehead installed to provide cover for motives and plans we know nothing about.

So, who is really in charge?  I gave some thought to the set of usual suspects given as an answer to this question.  In no particular order, 

VP Harris

One popular choice for who’s actually running the country begins with the next in line.  VP Harris slept her way into positions of prominence (and almost certainly many other useful ‘positions’) and now sits half a heartbeat from the most powerful position on the planet.  The problem with sleeping your way to the top is that when you get there, the only person you can screw is yourself.  She is unfit for primetime.

Harris was an unserious primary candidate, had one good debate line (more on that in a minute) and dismissed by her own party before a single primary vote had been cast.  She’s a terrible candidate, she’s a terrible person and has abused the power of her position at every stage of her career.  Anyone who withholds exculpatory evidence that would exonerate a man on death row to protect her reputation and/or career has absolutely NO business as POTUS.  Yet here we are.

Were Harris and her people running the country right now, I suspect they would have taken the steps necessary to remove Assterisk already.  Someone who lusts and thirsts for power as Harris does will not wait for four years to ‘take her turn’.  If I’m honest, I’m surprised B*d*n lasted four months.  Therefore, I really don’t think Harris or her people are in control.

A case for Harris biding (get it?) her time could be made based on waiting until the middle of this term.  Harris could (conceivably) serve the remainder this term (two years) with the potential for two full terms of her own.  That would make her the longest serving POTUS behind FDR.  However, that would require patience without the promise of making that happen (with no assurance she becomes the 2024 nominee).  It would also require ‘delayed gratification’.  Nothing about this cackling shrew suggests to me she’s ever ‘delayed gratification’.

Harris is not in charge.

“Dr.” Biden.

We’re getting warmer with this option. Dr. (laughable) Biden likely knows a lot more about what happens on a daily basis than we can even imagine.  I laugh at her title because she isn’t a doctor.  Yeah, she has a Ph.D., so what?  So do I.  My subject matter was Inorganic/Organometallic Chemistry.  Technically, I’m Dr. Greg Peters—but only my students ever called me that and I prefer Greg.  Her degree was in education.  Doctorates in Education are barely worth the piece of paper they’re printed on. 

She protects him from anything/everyone.  She knows that she’s not guarding a decrepit old man right now, she’s protecting a legacy and his(her) name.  Keeping him safe from public eyes, and the impatient Harris jackals is vital to maintain that image.  How often does Biden call a lid by mid afternoon?  You can probably count on one hand the number of times Trump did that during his entire term; Biden eclipses that in a week.

So while Joe goes off to the basement with his sippy cup of juice and bowl of oatmeal, the other Biden likely runs things in his absence.  She’s no particular friend of the VP either, especially after the one shining moment the VP had in the first debate when she accused J*e of being a racist klan supporter.  Jill Biden supposedly said later that Harris can go “eff” herself.  Yeah, I don’t see Harris anywhere near the oval office, now or ever.


I’ve heard some say that Assterisk is Obama 2.0 or third term.  Probably some merit to this; he stated that he wanted to ‘fundamentally transform America’.  Perhaps best to do that from the inside when it’s someone else’s legacy that takes the hit for the transformation of the USA into a socialist hell-hole.  That said, 44 is waaayyyy too much of an egomaniac to let someone else get the credit.

I haven’t seen a lot of concrete evidence that these two are manipulating the puppet strings, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they were.  I don’t get the sense of any love lost between 44 and his VP, so if the former president were to sabotage his former VP, I wouldn’t find it unusual.  I don’t really think either man respected the other, so this may run deeper than we really know.

I get the sense there is some input from these two, but they aren’t the ones actually running the show. 


Not a popular choice, but you cannot deny that she still has tentacles everywhere and sits at the Head Table in the Swamp.  She probably knows where the bodies are hidden (figuratively AND literally) and has dirt on almost everyone in DC.  I could see her running things in DC right now.  However…

She wants the spotlight, the power, the prestige, the first woman title, the position and all the perks that come with serving this great country as POTUS.  Which means if she were really pulling the strings, she would be angling for a way to reach the Oval Office.  The first domino to fall would have to be Harris, followed by Killary’s appointment to fill the spot vacated after Harris kills herself.

This scenario becomes tricky due to a Senate Confirmation.  It stands at 50-50 right now, with the VP as the deciding tiebreaker vote.  See the conundrum? Even if she had loads of dirt on both Biden and Harris, who in their right mind would put Killary one step from the Oval Office?  Even B*d*n isn’t that stupid—but you could probably change my mind on that.  Long story short…I don’t think Hillary is in charge.

 The Dip$#it ‘Squad’

This is laughable on so many levels.  There is no denying that people tiptoe on eggshells around these four mentally unhinged and obtuse prima donnas.  For what it’s worth, I think people underestimate AOC because she’s a dullard, but she works harder than most people give her credit for and more politically savvy than most politicians.  I’m wary of her.  Even with a good work ethic, I don’t see her pulling the strings.  Talib is just a deranged lunatic and couldn’t pull the lever of a slot machine, much less the levers of power here in the US.  Omar (D-Somalia, MN) pines for the olden days when she lived in a sh!thole country and tries to make this country in that image.  Not gonna happen.

These three dip$#it shrews are not in charge.

FBI/DOJ/Deep State Beta-types

A popular thought and perhaps with some merit to it, but truthfully, given the sheer number of players in these Swamp buildings, I find it difficult to believe that power has coalesced around one person running things in the background.  Yes, these swamp creatures make useful idiots that do the bidding of the wizard behind the curtain (like flying monkeys), but they aren’t pulling the strings.  They are the offensive linemen that protect the QB from being sacked.  Important, yes.  Running the show…Nope.


Getting warmer…like the AC setting in Hell warm.  I’m going to circle back (groan) to the fake doctor for this one.  The elder Biden ages like potato salad in the summer sun, the younger biden is a crackhead douchebag with so many offensive linemen at the FBI protecting him he could lead the NFL in rushing.  

The one constant for the both of them?  Fake doc biden.  If you think she knows nothing about the payments (10% for the ‘big guy’), the back door deals (fired Ukrainian prosecutor), and myriad scandals (Ukraine, Russia, China), you’re in a unique state of denial.  She knows.  

That means other countries know she’s the one probably running the day-to-day things in the Oval Office…What worries me is that we all know she is protecting Assterisk at all costs.  That’s called leverage.  Other countries can, and will, get concessions from the POTUS office as a concession to keep the legacy from tarnishing further.  Keystone pipeline—axed here in the US.  Russian pipeline?  Green light.  Aid to Hamas reinstated, next thing you know Israel gets bombed.  Who does biden condemn?  Israel.  For defending itself. This won’t end with Israel or a Russian pipleline.

China took our ambassadors to the woodshed, administered a whooping of epic proportions, and humiliated the USA ON OUR OWN SOIL!!  Because Assterisk let them.  Chinese treatment of Uyghurs and the slave labor/killing camps that house them is modern-day genocide.  Biden gave them a pass to keep the Project 1619 and reparations types from getting too agitated after the Chinese lectured us on our lack of moral authority because of US history that occurred 150 years ago.

All of these countries will continue to make appeasement demands (hello to a reincarnated Neville Chamberlain) that become more and more obscene.  This policy of appeasement from administration Assterisk will continue to protect the legacy of one man.  We pay for the sins of this man and his family every time fake doc biden sells us out to protect joe.

If I am one of our geopolitical adversaries, I would continue to escalate the price of silence on the biden family sins for as long as he remains in the Oval Office.  Escalations that simultaneously help our adversary and continue to sow division here at home. Once he enters the home stretch of his term, I would advocate policies that drive a final wedge that plunges the US into an unavoidable internal conflict that lowers US influence on the world stage to a second tier world power.

There are very few attractive options right now…in poker, we’re drawing dead.  For this hand.

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