Whose Fault is it Anyway?

As I predicted in my previous post (here), the US government began its assault on American values such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness on 20 January 2021.

With several strokes of his pen on what appeared to be blank pieces of paper, President *46 issued dozens of executive orders that took direct aim at the very people who helped him limp across the finish line.  One of his first acts was to halt construction of the Keystone Pipeline, which instantly cost tens of thousands of high-paying union jobs.  That was just the warm-up act.  More than twenty others (and counting) have been filed with the National Registry (EO 13985–14005, as of 25 January 2021).

Well-played, you idiot.

Is it really Pedo J*e’s fault?

It helps to put this flurry of EO signings into some sort of context.  For example, let’s say you still have ‘orange man bad’ living in your head rent-free. You now have a hard time since your 24/7 boogeyman has gone silent and provided you with no rage-inducing material since 6 January 2021. So you scream like a spoiled toddler “But Trump signed EO’s too!”. “He was a dictator!”.

Cue the nausea and calm down, Karen.

President Trump signed 220 executive orders during his full four-year term.  That equates to 55 per year.  If you think the jug-eared clown that preceded President Trump was worse, you are correct, but only in part.  President 44 signed 276 Executive Orders (that’s 56 more than Trump for you liberals who are bad at math…apologies for redundantly stating the obvious), but those EO’s were spread out over his two terms (or just under 35 per year).  Pedo J*e is well on his way to 35 in a month.

Pedo J*e’s own Words 

POTUS *46 would do well to heed the wise words spoken but just a few months ago in the build-up to the Presidential Selection last November.

“I have this strange notion, we are a democracy … if you can’t get the votes … you can’t [legislate] by executive order unless you’re a dictator. We’re a democracy. We need consensus,” in response to George Stephanopoulos

Obviously, this was a direct quote from J*e himself in October of 2020. Also, the wise words stopped at “dictator”, J*e may need a reminder that we are, in fact, a Constitutional Republic. Ah trifles! Why would a man in government for half a century know anything about…never mind. Probably preaching to the choir.  

Hardly a day went by when someone didn’t refer to President Trump as a tyrant, dictator, king, authoritarian, etc. for some action he took, regardless of whether it was ACTUALLY an action that merited such invective.  Imagine the  absolute meltdown the mainstream media would be having right now if a second-term Trump (and therefore politically bulletproof) was issuing dozens of executive orders in his first week.

He would be rewarded with a MAGA Hat Trick of impeachment articles.  

If I’m honest, it kind of bums me out that I can use impeachment/hat trick in the same sentence and find more humor in it than the somber nature of what it should represent.

Digging a Little Deeper

If we dig a little deeper, is it really J*e’s fault?  If we can forget for a moment that he probably didn’t write those EO’s himself—that someone else wrote them for him—and that person is likely holding the strings of the most powerful political figure on the planet—in the shadows—unelected—unknown and unaccountable.  If we can forget that neither he, nor Presidents Trump or 44 are truly dictators and that all Presidents sign executive orders…we can ask ourselves—who is really to blame?

Yes, I know I have buried the lede so deeply you need a shovel and flashlight to see down here.

US House of Representatives

If you want the buck to stop somewhere (I come from Missouri, so I give a shout out to the only President from my home state, Harry Truman, whose name also graces my undergraduate alma mater, Truman State University), the buck stops with the House.

Presidents run the Executive Branch of the US Government.  They sign Legislation into law.  They do not WRITE, AUTHOR, DECREE, or DECLARE Legislation.  For the ultimate primer/civics lesson, please take a few minutes and watch this informative video. For the uninitiated, “I’m Just a Bill” was one of many truly educational videos shown on Schoolhouse Rock.  Silly, yes, but it worked.

It’s the job of the House of Representatives to draft and pass legislation.  It is not the President who rules by Executive decree.

Dig Just a Little Deeper

If you want to dig JUST a little deeper, the buck doesn’t actually stop with the House.  If you watched the video above (and for those of us of a certain age, it brings back pleasant memories), you’ll notice the bill began when citizens contacted their Representative, who then drafts what became the bill (and ultimately a Law).

So, who is ultimately responsible for these executive orders?  Us.  We the People. How’s THAT for burying the lede? Final paragraph!  But all kidding aside, every EPA regulation, every bureaucratic mandate that comes from an unelected federal employee SHOULD come from the House of Representatives so that We the People have our say in the legislative process.  If we are honest with ourselves, we know instinctively that we need to hold our Legislators responsible (at the ballot box) to actually LEGISLATE and not leave law-making to someone else so they don’t have to face the wrath of the voters.

HOLD your Representatives responsible to LEGISLATE!!

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