It’s the end of Co-Vid as we know it…and I feel fine.

You are forgiven if the article title made the REM song of a very similar name pop into your head and stay there for a while.  Also, forgive me if you read this and have suffered the loss of a family member or close personal friend as a result of this virus. That pain is very real.

But we are about to see the end of Covid as we know it.  Why?  In less than 24 hours, J*o*e B*i*d*e*n will be sworn in as the next President of the United States of America.  The idea of covid-related illnesses will decline almost exponentially in the next ten days/fortnight.  Death certificates that previously listed Covid as the primary cause of death (regardless of whether the patient actually died as a result of Covid or had just been exposed to the virus) will plummet.


Because the incoming administration will want to make it look like their policies (same as the Trump policies, but less media-friendly/coverage) are working to ‘stem the tide’ of the Wuhan Flu.  Slobbering media lapdogs (MSNBCNNDNC) will ‘trump’et this as an example of supreme leadership on the part of the incoming administration.

Cue the nausea.

Regular Flu Will Make a Comeback

Earlier this year, there were reports the flu had all but disappeared in the Southern Hemisphere (their winter, hence their peak flu season).  As we here in the Northern Hemisphere are just now entering our peak flu season, the jury (for now) remains sequestered on that topic.  Rest assured, the flu will come back stronger than ever!!  

As a society, we have become acclimated to the idea of the flu being a part of our daily winter lives.  In its worst moments, the flu can (and does) claim the lives of many people here in the US and worldwide.  We get yearly flu shots, if you choose to—I have never had a flu shot myself—in an effort to ward off the effects of getting sick.  I understand the impetus to get the shot.  But it’s a choice to get the shot.  Not a condition of employment or a pass to participate in public society (more on that in a moment).

 Cases of the flu will now rise and reported cases of Covid will drop…because it serves the incoming B*i*d*e*n administration. 

Masks Remain

Don’t think for one moment that with declining covid cases and increased flu cases that the requirement to wear a mask will go away.  NOT EVEN CLOSE!!

Masks represent power, they represent control, they represent your obedience, and they represent how woke you are.  Refuse to wear a mask?  Dox.  Refuse to comply with mandates? Lose your job.

Don’t kid yourself, this IS coming.  You will be required to wear a mask and/or prove you have taken the Kool-Aid (oops, sorry…the ‘vaccination’) as a condition of employment.  Masks will be required long past the first 100 days (as has been promised already) as a symbol of your obedience.  You WILL be required to wear a face-diaper whenever you leave your home.  Hell, some idiotic governors (Hello, dipshit Newsome) will try to require you to wear these things, even at home! Don’t succumb to this fascism. 

Next Wave of Covid

There have been reports out of the UK detailing the next strain of the covid virus. Of course, it is more contagious (no mention of its lethality, but give it time…depends on how the government wants us to cede more power to them) than the previous strain.  Don’t ask whether the current vaccination will shield you from this new, more awful strain.  Hint, it won’t.  You will need yet another vaccine…one the government will endeavor to develop…and it will be a condition of your continued employment.  Your skepticism only confuses the narrative…submission at all costs.

What’s next?

At some point, we can only be pushed so far.  Submission is not an option. I, for one, will not succumb to the idea of government control of EVERY aspect of my lift.  I don’t much care for ANY government control in my life, but I do recognize its necessity in an organized society.  I not only recognize it, I support it.  Government IS necessary.  Like it or not.  However, I wish for a government that exerts the least influence on our lives as is necessary to retain the American ideal of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Tomorrow…20 January 2021…government will begin (continue?) its assault on all three.

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