Scientific Editing Service

Scientific Editing for non-English Speaking Scientists

“I just made a brilliant discovery, but I forgot to write down what I did!!”.

“These are game-changing results, but my manuscript was immediately rejected by the journal because of language issues”.

If you don’t publish what you’ve accomplished in the lab, chances are that those discoveries will remain hidden save the scientist involved and perhaps a few co-workers.  What’s worse, if you don’t publish it, the work done and any scientific advancements associated with that work will remain hidden as well.

You condemn your own work to the dustbin of history.  DON’T!!

Editing Services

Most scientific journals publish in English.  Many/most scientists do not speak English as their native/first language.  Getting your work published was difficult enough ‘just’ undergoing peer-review, but now most journals prescreen their submissions using tools like Grammarly to determine whether the manuscript is even worth sending out for peer-review based on the quality of the English.

This screening hits Asian scientists particularly hard but really doesn’t discriminate.  This is where people like me come in.

I edit scientific manuscripts (with a particular emphasis on all chemistry disciplines, physics, earth-science, engineering, pharmacy, and others…just ask!) for scientists whose first language is not English.  I’ve edited hundreds (maybe thousands now) of scientific manuscripts and millions of words.  I’ve been doing this for more than 20 years in total and the last six on a semi full-time basis.


For a typical scientific manuscript, I charge $30/1000 words.  Charging by the word allows my clients to determine the price BEFORE they commit to a project.  The word count does not include the references (unless specifically requested) nor the data contained in tables (again, unless specifically requested).

You will receive a revised manuscript that is free of grammatical and/or spelling errors and checked using Grammarly.  I will edit in US or UK English (author’s choice).  I will provide a summary of what changes I made with explanations when necessary. My revision will include margin comments if I am unsure whether my edit alters your intended scientific meaning.

I accept PayPal.

The Process

Once you reach out to me about an editing project, I will give it an initial review and confirm what you would like me to edit.  If for some reason, your subject matter is beyond my area(s) of expertise, I will let you know immediately.

After confirming the sections for editing and the word count, I will revise your document and normally return it to you within 4-5 days.  Rush services are available for additional costs (please inquire).

Don’t condemn your work to the dustbin of history!  Contact me at to handle all of your scientific manuscript services! 

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