Don’t reward the Idiots

Companies I hate because their ads are stupid

Publicists have long subscribed to the axiom that “any publicity is good publicity”.  The general consensus suggests that even if the news is negative, that the client still gets free exposure and that’s a win.

Not always.  There are several instances where negative publicity really WAS negative (think Hollywood sexual abuse scandals).

But for the most part, the adage really IS true.  Companies pay for publicity through commercials we see on TV and hear on Pandora/Spotify/Sirius/iHeart radio.

However, some companies produce ad campaigns that are just so bad that they repel customers.  Campaigns so awful that they defy one of the bedrock truths of publicity.

Four companies have managed to repel me so much that I will NEVER purchase one of their products.  These hated companies include ‘car companies’, Arby’s, Sonic, and every company that abuses “Carol of the Bells”. Also note that of these companies, car companies comprise one ‘group’ with several brands.  I did that because car purchases are generally not a routine purchase.

Car Companies

Car companies occupy a special place in my heart for the sheer idiocy of their advertising.  In a general sense, advertising campaigns for car companies make Forest Gump look like Steven Hawking.

Some of the auto companies that I will never consider buying from include Mazda, Kia, and Audi.  Every time I see a Mazda ad, I turn the channel—I don’t care to see some carpenter plane/sand a piece of wood that has nothing to do with the performance of their car.  Furthermore, I don’t care to hear some kid say ‘zoom-zoom’ as though that is supposed to improve the car.

Kia is even worse.  If you’ve ever seen the ads with the anthromorphized gerbils/rodents they use to drive their cars with a background of a flashy light show—you know what I mean.  So how, exactly, is that supposed to inspire me to buy one of their cars?  Dumb.  NO. Kia cars. Ever.

Audi ruins a beautiful time of the year.  An annual ‘event’ of this company suggests that everyone should receive a red-bowed Audi on Christmas morning (how the hell is that supposed to be a surprise?  The magic of Christmas? PLEASE!!).


I used to enjoy going to this fast food place from time to time.  I remember it was the first solid food I had a day after I had my wisdom teeth removed.

Once they adopted the ‘we have the meats’ slogan…I tuned out.  It’s obnoxious, irritating and stupid.  I turn the channel as soon as I see any of these commercials. I won’t ever visit an arby’s again.


The two doofuses this company has chosen to serve as the face of their ad campaign are supposed to be funny and clever.  Abject Failure!  I’ve seen more than a dozen different commercials using these two tools to lure customers to their store.  Each one seems to hit rock bottom on the stupidity scale…yet they continue to dig.  Won’t eat there ever.

Carol of the Bells

Full Disclosure—I absolutely love Carol of the Bells.  It is perhaps my favorite Christmas carol (yes, it is my favorite CHRISTMAS carol…not my favorite ‘holiday’ carol).  I can’t count the number of companies that have bastardized this song in the name of setting background music to their commercial ads.

They are all…in a word…abysmal.

Attention to any company that thinks they can put on a light show to this song and sell their wares (yes, I’m talking to you, Kia)…or to a company that’s thinking about using this song in their ads…DON’T!!  Leave that beautiful song alone.  If you don’t, I won’t buy things from you.  That’s a promise.

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