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Scientific Editing Service

Scientific Editing for non-English Speaking Scientists “I just made a brilliant discovery, but I forgot to write down what I did!!”. “These are game-changing results, but my manuscript was immediately rejected by the journal because of language issues”. If you don’t publish what you’ve accomplished in the lab, chances are that those discoveries will remain … More

My 2018 March Madness Periodic Table Bracket

There are almost as many methods of picking your March Madness tournament bracket as there are people who pick them.  That said, there are some common methods used by those who don’t know much about college basketball.  Many are random…like the ‘coin flip method’, the ‘better mascot method’, the ‘school colors method’, the ‘pets method’ … More

Don’t reward the Idiots

Companies I hate because their ads are stupid Publicists have long subscribed to the axiom that “any publicity is good publicity”.  The general consensus suggests that even if the news is negative, that the client still gets free exposure and that’s a win. Not always.  There are several instances where negative publicity really WAS negative … More


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Hi, I’m Greg. I was a university professor for 20 years but now work as an editor of scientific manuscripts as well as posting some random thoughts that spend time in my head. I hope you enjoy the page.